Video Surveillance System


Video surveillance systems had been widely used in modern society. But almost of them can not provide spatial perception for the security personnel. For instance (Figure 1), it is not easy for the security personnel to track people who walk from one monitor to another if he is not well trained. When the security personnel wants to monitor a wide spreading area, it is also hard for him because he needs to watches lots of monitors at the same time. We propose a integrated surveillance system to solve the problems described above.


Figure 1 : First we register the pictures taken from cameras on ground to the picture taken from a satellite using homography registration. Second, the seam between two camera views are visible and looked strange (Figure 1(b)), therefore we use the image fusion technique to smooth the seams (Figure 1(c)). Finally constructing the rough 3D environment and handy user-interface (Figure 1(d)) makes our surveillance system become immersive and interactive.